Create illusions of space with a custom mirror

Custom Mirrors Central Coast & Lake Macquarie

North Lakes Glass and Glazing create beautiful custom made mirrors for your Central Coast or Lake Macquarie home or office space.

Mirrors can be a beautiful addition to any home or office providing they are installed correctly. We have 30+ years of experience in the fabrication and installation of custom-made mirrors, and ensure our work is of the highest standard and the finished quality is second to none.

Mirrors help to create an illusion of spaciousness, giving your rooms a feeling of freedom.

North Lakes Glass and Glazing specialises in the production and installation of a wide range of custom mirrors. This includes mirrors for your wardrobe doors, bathrooms and walls of any shape and size.

custom designed mirrors

  • Frameless 4mm & 6mm Mirror
  • Polished Edge
  • Bevelled
  • Arched Mirrors
  • Round Mirrors
  • Custom Made Mirrors
  • 4mm Mirrors
  • Concealed Mirror Frame

Types of mirrors made to order

There are a variety of mirror types that we offer to enhance any space in your home or office. These mirrors include bathroom, frameless, round and framed mirrors. Our mirrors can be framed to match screens or can have polished or bevelled edges. Our custom-made mirrors are made to order too literally and figuratively, reflect who you are.
Our glaziers will come to your home for a free measure and quote. this will ensure your mirror is the perfect fit when we install it.
We can create custom mirrors of any shape or size including square, rectangle, oval, round and tinted mirrors.
North Lakes Glass and Glazing have 30 years of experience in providing exceptional Australian-made mirrors for residential and commercial settings.
Contact us today to learn about our range of mirrors including decorative wall mirrors, full-length mirrors, door mirrors, large wall mirrors and other feature mirrors.

Bathroom Mirrors

There are many kinds of mirrors, but the current most fashionable versions are frameless bathroom mirrors that provide both fashion and functionality. They may be hung from the floor to the ceiling and dramatically transform any bathroom.


Frameless Mirrors

A frameless mirror is the current design trend in interior design where a sleek, seamless look is required. Frameless mirrors provide a low-maintenance mirror that also gives an easy-to-clean look. Aside from providing an illusion of additional space, fixing mirrors in commercial settings or homes provides several advantages.


Round Mirrors

There are a wide variety of different types of round mirrors, from plain, simple ones to classy, contemporary mirrors. If you have a specific custom-tailored mirror in mind, please contact us today. We will be pleased to assist you.


Framed Mirrors

We supply and install framed mirrors including steel framed mirrors. We can design and create them in different shapes including round, square, rectangle etc. 


Custom mirrors can be made to your exact specifications and requirements. If you have a smaller or larger space for your mirror we can custom design the exact mirror size you need for your space. They can be framed, frameless or a variety of shapes.

Benefits of using mirrors in your home

Illusion of space

Even in the smallest rooms, a mirror can improve the impression of space by providing a reflection. It is one of the simplest ways to added depth and hanging a mirror is one of the most effective ways to prevent a room from looking cramped.

Useful to have

Mirrors are very helpful to have throughout the home. A quick and convenient check of your own reflection is always useful, and you should not restrict mirrors to your dressing room or bathroom.

Bounce Light Around

A well-placed mirror can greatly improve the impression of light and air in a space that lacks natural light. When you want to save on artificial lighting, a mirror can reflect natural light from windows or doors into the room.

Adds a Focal Point

A large mirror can be a brilliant focal point in a room that lacks a centrepiece. You can easily create a clear focal point with a mirror with a decorative frame and you can arrange your furniture around it.

Are you looking for a custom designed mirror?

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