Benefits of Custom Mirrors

How Custom Mirrors Can Transform Your Home

Enhancing Interiors with Custom Mirrors

Are you on a quest to bring a touch of elegance to your home? Custom mirrors might just be the secret ingredient you need! Delve into the transformative power of custom mirrors and how they can not only enhance the beauty of your living space but also add functionality and value.

Imagine walking into a room that feels both spacious and cosy, with perfect lighting that highlights the best features. Custom mirrors, with their ability to reflect and amplify light, can create an ambiance that is both inviting and uplifting. Moreover, with North Lakes Glass at your service, you can have mirrors tailored to your taste, ensuring that they not only serve a functional purpose but also act as a reflection of your style and personality.

Embrace the elegance and functionality that custom mirrors bring to your home, and let North Lakes Glass guide you through this transformative journey. With their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can rest assured that your home will be the epitome of beauty and grace.

Why Custom Mirrors?

Custom mirrors are so much more than mere reflective surfaces; they are exquisite pieces of art that can be tailored to your specific tastes and needs. From creating an illusion of space to improving lighting, custom mirrors can transform your home in ways you never imagined. They can be the focal point of a room, reflecting your style and personality. Moreover, they can make a small room appear larger, and brighten up a dark space by reflecting light.


Accentuate Architectural Features

By strategically placing mirrors opposite beautiful elements of your home, such as a fireplace or a piece of art, you can double the impact of these features. Mirrors can also be used to reflect the natural light from windows, making your space feel more open and connected to the outdoors.


Complement Existing Décor

Whether your style is modern, rustic, vintage, or eclectic, a custom mirror can be designed to enhance and harmonise with your interior design theme. For instance, a mirror with a distressed wooden frame can add a rustic charm to a country-style home, while a sleek, frameless mirror can complement a modern, minimalist space.


Practical Purpose

Custom mirrors can also serve a practical purpose. In entryways, they are perfect for giving yourself a quick look before heading out. In the bathroom, a well-placed mirror can make morning routines more efficient. In the kitchen, mirrored splashbacks can make the space feel larger and more luxurious.


Hide Imperfections

Custom mirrors can be used to hide imperfections or cover empty wall spaces that you’re not sure how to fill. With a beautiful custom mirror, an empty wall can become a statement piece in the room.


Perception of Space

Another aspect to consider is the psychological effect mirrors have on our perception of space. Mirrors can make a space feel more luxurious and opulent. They have been used for centuries in grand palaces and estates to convey a sense of wealth and grandeur.


Versatile & Multifunctional

Mirrors are not just for checking your reflection; they can dramatically enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your home. By investing in custom mirrors, you are adding depth, light, and style to your living spaces, creating a home that is not only beautiful but also uniquely yours.

Types of Custom Mirrors:

Custom mirrors are an incredible asset to any home. With the variety of types available, including frameless, polished edge, bevelled, arched, round, custom made, 4mm, and concealed mirror frames, you can find the perfect mirror to enhance and transform your space. Whether you’re looking to add character, create an illusion of space, or improve lighting, custom mirrors are the answer.

1. Frameless 4mm & 6mm Mirrors

Frameless mirrors are sleek and modern. They come in various thicknesses, including 4mm and 6mm. These mirrors are perfect for a minimalist aesthetic, as they blend seamlessly with the wall, giving a clean and uncluttered look.

2. Polished Edge Mirrors

Polished edge mirrors have smooth edges that are polished to perfection. This type of mirror is versatile and can be used in various settings, including bathrooms, living rooms, and hallways. The polished edges add a touch of sophistication to the mirror.

3. Bevelled Mirrors

Bevelled mirrors have edges that are cut at an angle to create a framed look without actually using a frame. This creates an elegant border that catches and reflects light, adding depth and dimension to the room.

4. Arched Mirrors

Arched mirrors have a unique shape that can add character to any space. They are perfect for entryways or as a statement piece above a fireplace. The curved top of the mirror can also give the illusion of height in a room.

5. Round Mirrors

Round mirrors are classic and timeless. They can soften the hard lines of a room and add a touch of elegance. They are versatile and can be used in almost any room, from bathrooms to dining rooms.

6. Custom Made Mirrors

Custom made mirrors are designed and crafted according to your specifications. Whether you want a mirror with a specific shape, size, or frame, custom made mirrors allow you to have a piece that is uniquely yours.

7. 4mm Mirrors

4mm mirrors are thinner and lighter than their thicker counterparts. They are ideal for spaces where you want a sleek look without the weight of a thicker mirror.

8. Concealed Mirror Frame

Concealed mirror frames are designed in such a way that the frame is not visible from the front. This gives the mirror a floating effect, which is modern and stylish.

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Expert Glazier Services by North Lakes Glass

If you're in search of an experienced Glazier on the Central Coast for the supply, installation, or maintenance of windows, splashbacks, shower screens, mirrors, or wardrobes, look no further than North Lakes Glass. Our adept team of professionals is well-prepared to tackle emergency scenarios, bespoke installations, and repairs. With meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to excellence, the specialists at North Lakes Glass guarantee that your glass installations will be awe-inspiring.

With a rich history spanning over 30 years, North Lakes Glass and Glazing stands as a pillar in the glazing industry and is the ultimate hub for all your glass necessities. Catering to the Central Coast and Lake Macquarie areas, including Charmhaven, Hamlyn Terrace, Bateau Bay, and Wyong, North Lakes Glass boasts a comprehensive array of glazier services for residential, commercial, and industrial spaces.

North Lakes Glass's proficiency extends well beyond just mirrors. Their wide spectrum of services ensures that every glass-related requirement is addressed with accuracy and a professional touch. Be it an elegant glass splashback to add flair to your kitchen, a bespoke shower screen to elevate your bathroom, or a set of pristine new windows to illuminate your living area, North Lakes Glass has the expertise to manifest excellence.

Discover the Transformative Power of Custom Mirrors with North Lakes Glass

Custom mirrors, backed by the expertise of North Lakes Glass, can be the game-changer your home needs. They not only enhance the aesthetics but also add functionality and value to your living space. The incorporation of custom mirrors can breathe new life into your interiors, making them look more spacious, well-lit, and luxurious.

Imagine having a mirror that reflects not just your image, but your style and essence. With North Lakes Glass, you can customise mirrors to your liking, be it in terms of shape, size, frame, or finish. This allows you to have a piece that is in perfect harmony with the rest of your decor, and that speaks to your individuality.

Moreover, the functionality that custom mirrors bring is unparalleled. From making sure you look your best before stepping out, to being an essential component in your bathroom, mirrors serve numerous practical purposes. They can also be used to hide storage spaces or be incorporated into furniture, thus optimising your living space.

Custom mirrors are an investment that adds value to your property. The elegance and sophistication they bring are qualities that are sought after in the real estate market. Whether you plan to live in your home for many years or are considering selling it in the future, custom mirrors can be a wise addition.

North Lakes Glass is not just a service provider; they are partners in your journey to create the home of your dreams. Our experienced professionals work closely with you to understand your vision and bring it to life with precision and artistry.

So why wait? Get inspired and take the first step towards transforming your living space into a sanctuary of beauty and functionality with North Lakes Glass.
Our team is ready to guide you through the exciting process of selecting and installing custom mirrors that will redefine your interiors.
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